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“I have not been, miss”: criminal knelt before his victim to avoid being arrested | VIDEO

Lima, March 8, 2022Updated on 03/08/2022 09:15 am

The National Police of Peru (PNP), together with agents from the Serenazgo de Surco, captured Carlos Enrique García Ríos, who, on a motorcycle, snatched a bag with money and a cell phone from a woman in the district of Groove.

After being captured, the offender knelt in front of his victim to apologize for having robbed him and his accomplice, with whom he was traveling on a motorcycle. The malefactor even said that he could not go to prison because he had a 6-year-old son.

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Residents of the Santa Rosa urbanization, who witnessed the robbery, They burned the thieves’ motorcycle at the intersection of Calle Don Francisco and the Guardia Civil Sur street.. Carlos Enrique’s accomplice managed to escape, while he was captured.

Thief kneels to avoid being caught
Thief kneels to avoid being caught https://www.latina.pe/noticias

“I have not been, miss. I have nothing. I have a 6-year-old son. Please, I beg you, miss! I haven’t even run. I have not escaped. I have come from the Villa Alegre park. I was drinking with my girlfriend. He will be gone now because we have been arguing.”he stated.

However, his prayers or kneeling were of no use because the aggrieved woman fully recognized him, as well as other residents who were witnesses.

The subject was framed by agents from the Sagittarius police station and taken to said police station. The aggrieved also went to file the respective complaint.

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New modality of robbery in two motorcycles
New modality of robbery in two motorcycles https://www.americatv.com.pe/


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