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Ibai Llanos is a trend for this Christmas photo on Instagram and Twitter

The streamer Ibai Llanos It has become a trend on social networks after publishing a photo in which he appears dressed as Santa Claus. The joke was welcomed by the followers of the Spanish with more than 160 thousand ‘likes’ on Twitter.

“I’m on my way. Ask me for the gift you want. I’ll take it to you “He wrote on his official Instagram account. The same image was also shared on Twitter.

Who took the opportunity to play a prank on Ibai Llanos it was the youtuber DjMaRiiO. “That costume looks like it cost ten euros”commented on Twitter. Llanos was not silent. “Let’s see, it’s not a shitty 25 euro tree, but it’s not bad either”, answered.

Ibai Llanos disguises herself as Santa Claus

No doubt that Ibai Llanos has reasons to celebrate the close of 2021 after the creation of KOI, a company that will seek to rise as champion in the Superliga of League of Legends of the next year. Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué is your partner in this new adventure in the eSports market.

The KOI team for League of Legends is made up of players such as the Spanish Rafitta and Koldo, the French SLT, the Norwegian Hatrixx and the Austrian Seaz.

IBAI LLANOS | What does KOI mean?

Koi is a fish, specifically a dragon-shaped carp. Japanese legend has it that the fish that managed to swim upstream, even climbing a waterfall, were rewarded with turning into dragons. They also stand out for their bright colors when the sun hits them.

IBAI LLANOS | A few words to ‘Kun’

The friendly relationship between the two characters increased over time, due to the hours they shared playing and trust increased more with the arrival of ‘Kun’ in Spain. After signing for Barcelona, ​​both began to have meetings and talks together repeatedly.

Due to the great friendship they established, Ibai Llanos could not help feeling affected by the retirement of his friend Sergio Agüero and spoke on social networks. “We love you, ‘Kuni'”, was the message that the renowned Spanish figure shared.

It is worth mentioning that Agüero did not reveal the activity to which he will dedicate after his retirement, only with 33 years, but there is the possibility that he can focus more strongly on virtual platforms. Recall that the now former player not only ventured into Twitch, but also has his video game team, which is called KRÜ Esports.

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