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Indecopi urges Susalud to take action due to the alleged refusal of the Javier Prado clinic to attend to a minor run over

Lima, December 7, 2021Updated on 07/12/2021 10:33 pm

Indecopi, in its capacity as the National Consumer Protection Authority, urged the head of the National Superintendency of Health (Your health), Juan Carlos Velasco Guerrero, take the corresponding actions in the face of the alleged refusal of the Javier Prado clinic to provide emergency medical attention to a 15-year-old adolescent who had been run over on Petit Thouars avenue.

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Through a statement, the entity indicated that it is also the governing body of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System, which includes among its members the Ministry of Health, institution to which it is attached Your health.

Thus, Indecopi requested to Your health to carry out the necessary actions within the framework of its powers and, if applicable, impose the respective sanctions on those responsible, in order to ensure the protection of citizens.


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The head of the Ministry of Health, Hernando Cevallos, announced that the social immobilization schedule will be modified for the end of the year holidays.

We ask that you kindly arrange for these facts to be analyzed by your office and, if applicable, establish corrective actions within the framework of its powers. Likewise, in our capacity as the National Consumer Protection Authority, we ask you to inform us about the process of attention to the transferred case”, Specifies the signed document by Ronald León Barranzuela, director in charge of the National Consumer Protection Authority.

The case

In a video disseminated on social networks it is seen that staff of the Javier Prado clinic demands the presentation of the identity of a 15-year-old adolescent, who was run over on Petit Thouars avenue, near San Isidro, to attend to him in the emergency area.

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A worker from the Javier Prado clinic He indicated to the Miraflores Firefighters and San Isidro paramedics that, supposedly, the private insurance required the minor’s data to grant him the letter of guarantee to attend him. All this dialogue lasted several minutes, which are vital in these emergencies.

However, the rescuers let the member of the Javier Prado clinic that it was impossible to ask the minor for his identity, because he was unconscious and that the law establishes that in emergencies all medical centers are obliged to provide care for the injured.

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