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Independence: Plaza Norte vaccination center reached one million inoculated against COVID-19

Citizen Luis Mario Araujo Avalos became the millionth vaccinated person at the Plaza Norte vaccination center administered by Essalud, located in Independencia, after receiving the third dose of the antigen that protects him against COVID-19.

The 67-year-old adult arrived without fear at the vaccination point, located in the district of Independenceto complete their vaccination schedule and thus reduce the risk of presenting serious conditions in case of being infected with the deadly virus.

The event was celebrated by doctors, nurses and health technicians, who considered that the event contributes to strengthening the culture of health prevention in the face of the dreaded disease.

“I feel very happy. I want to invite the rest of my fellow citizens to come to the vaccination centers to complete their vaccinations because it helps us fight COVID-19said Mr. Araujo excitedly.

The one millionth vaccinated remembered the days of quarantine he had to spend with his family until the vaccines arrived and was happily able to do remote work at home.

“Do not doubt the vaccines because they will boost our immune system and protect us from disease. Come without fear, that is the secret”, stressed.

Edgard Miguel Siccha manager of the Red Prestacional Sabogal, highlighted that, since its start-up, on March 10, 2021, the vaccination north square It has become one of the main centers that registers the greatest demand for drugs, especially from the population of North Lima and its surroundings.

“I am excited by the human warmth provided by all the care and administrative workers who work in the vaccination center that has the largest number of immunized people. From 4 am to midnight, we are working to serve the population in the best way”he pointed.

The vaccination center has 40 installed modules and more than 200 health professionalsamong doctors, nurses, nursing technicians and psychologists, who day by day carry out the process of inoculation and guidance in mental health, with a vocation for service and dedication to insured and uninsured.

“I urge the population to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and its variants, mainly children who will return to face-to-face classes and must be protected. All vaccines are highly effective., the official emphasized.

In her turn, Jenny Judith Arzapalo Roque, coordinator of the Plaza Norte vaccination center, highlighted the human quality and commitment of the 250 professionals who work in the place, who from dawn prepare the vaccination process that ends for them at midnight.

“The most valuable gift is the gratitude of the people who come to get vaccinated. Throughout this time, we’ve had a 120-year-old come in for her first dose as well as a 5-year-old who thanked me with a cookie.”recalled the graduate.

Also, he pointed out that “Statistics have shown that the vaccine has stopped the new wave of infections, saving many lives of our compatriots”, he added.

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