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Independence: young man faces alleged stalker at Metropolitano station

Lima, March 25, 2019Updated on 12/21/2021 12:22 am

A young woman confronted a man who had made her undue touching inside a bus of the Metropolitan, in the district of Independence. The alleged harasser was identified as Fermín Hurtado Fuster, who was detained by the young woman in the transport unit where the events would have occurred. She managed to get the subject off the bus at the Tomás Valle station to reprimand him for what happened.

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“Someone was touching me, so as not to react to the cold and the rough, I was thinking calmly, I bent down, I tried to see if it was his cell phone, but when I saw the reflection of the door, he was like moving to accommodate and brush with me “Said the young woman.

Two female police officers approached and helped the young woman, who arrived at the Independencia police station together with the detainee. However, he denounced that the police officers did not provide him with adequate support.

“They treated me badly and I ask them why they have to treat me like this. The lieutenant’s excuse was that not all areas are prepared to deal with this type of case, “he said.

Hurtado Fuster said he was a university student and tried to deny the harassment, but the young woman will continue with the complaint.


After reporting this situation, Hurtado Fuster reported that the complaint made by the alleged victim was filed by the Seventh Provincial Criminal Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of North Lima, which decided not to formalize a preparatory investigation. A resolution of December 2019 of this prosecutor’s office establishes it.

Clarification: This note was updated with the information sent by Fermín Hurtado Fuster, via a notarized letter.

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