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INS: follow these recommendations and prepare a healthy Christmas dinner | VIDEO

The National Institute of Health (INS) provided a series of recommendations for citizens to prepare a dinner christmas healthy and avoid an upset stomach this New Year’s Eve.

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In this regard, the INS nutritionist, Guísela Mauricio, pointed out that It is important that the Christmas dinner is accompanied by a half portion of a plate of vegetables. “For example, a baked turkey accompanied by spring rice, four tablespoons, and half a plate of vegetables”, He specified in statements to Canal N.

He added that, in the mountains, for example, people they can prepare a pork marinade accompanied by baked potato and vegetable salad. While, in the jungle, a healthy dinner alternative would be fish along with tacacho also accompanied by vegetable salad.


Christmas: INS Provides Recommendations for You to Prepare a Healthy Christmas Dinner | VIDEO

Here the important thing is to take care of the issue of portions, the amounts to be consumed and always accompany with half a plate of vegetable salad, he asserted.

Regarding the drinks with which the Christmas dinner should be accompanied, the specialist urged avoiding sodas. “Christmas dinner should be accompanied by natural drinks that are low in sugar. For example, chicha morada, chica de jora or cocona. Soda is not recommended due to the excess it has and also at the time it is going to be consumed ”, explained.

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In addition, he specified that dinners should be two hours before bedtime. “Usually between 8 and 10 at night. Something early to take care of digestion ”.

At another time, he recommended avoid foods like applesauce because they tend to have too much butter and sugar, as well as the Arab rice that has excess in calories and the consumption of salads with cream.


Days ago, the INS warned that the consumption of a slice of panettone 100 grams represents an additional 371 calories for a person, equivalent to 93 grams of sugar; that is approximately 18.5 teaspoons of this product.

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The INS nutritionist, Henry Trujillo Aspilcueta, called on citizens to consume the traditional sponge cake in moderation. He explained that if more than two 100-gram slices were eaten, the daily energy intake would increase, increasing body weight. “It is worth saying that it is like eating more than a quarter of a kilo of sugar or more than 50 teaspoons of this product a day”, he pointed.

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