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International Women’s Day: they will strengthen the education and work of prison inmates

Lima, March 7, 2022Updated on 03/07/2022 08:51 pm

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Minjusdh) remarked that will strengthen the education and work of the inmates, in order to strengthen the resocializing role that the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) develops through job training and the implementation of skills, in the context of International Women’s Day, which commemorates March 8.

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During a visit to Penitentiary Establishment Annex Women of Chorrillosthe Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Ángel Yldefonso, affirmed that his administration will promote the measures that are necessary to help overcome the great challenges of the prison system in the country, especially those that affect inmates.

For this reason, he emphasized that from his sector the implementation of the National Penitentiary Policy 2030 is accompanied and actions are taken to strengthen penitentiary and post-penitentiary treatment, as well as the promotion and development of productive activities that contribute to the reintegration of the female prison population. in society on equal terms.

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He stated that his management is determined to incorporate the gender approach, in accordance with the international commitments of the Peruvian State established in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and in the Inter-American Convention to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women, through actions that are articulated with the National Gender Equality Policy, assuming for this the important challenge of improving the health conditions of prison establishments, considering the particularities that women present.

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The activity in the prison included the presence of the First Lady of the Nation, Lilia Paredeswho, before a group of inmates, commented that crimes, whether minor or serious, have to be paid for, and urged them to keep the faith to get ahead.


Various artistic presentations were also made at the event. The choreography “Empowered women. Many ways of being a woman”, represented by 20 inmates. The ceremony culminated with the staging of a dance of the Morenada genre.

Special recognition was also given to a group of female prison workers from various regions for their outstanding career in the INPE, and the exhibition “Internarte, various ways of being a woman” was opened. Finally, the authorities toured the exhibitions of the Productive Prisons program.

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