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“It makes no sense to play the Super Cup in Arabia”: the fierce criticism at Athletic

The footballer of Athletic club Raul garcia has assured that “it does not make sense” that the four teams that dispute the Spain Supercup, including the Bilbao team, have to go to Saudi Arabia to play it, and has pointed out that “the fan is no longer thought of” and that everything is subject to economic interests.

I am very clear: for me, it does not make sense. We are playing a championship in our country and going to another country does not make sense, only the one we know it has. I do not want to get into controversy, but it does not make sense to go there to play a game that would have to be played here”, He declared at a press conference.

In addition, the Navarrese considers that the fans have taken a back seat to the economic interests that, in his opinion, guide the sport. “I am from before. Football has changed and the fan is no longer thought of. Right now what matters is generating, trying to get sponsorships …”, He listed.

We are forgetting the basics, which is football, that environment that makes the games different, that the fans enjoy with the family, that the schedules are as comfortable as possible … It is my job, I dedicate myself to doing this . Since I started it has changed a lot and it makes me sad, I’m not going to fool you”He continued.

This Thursday, the ‘lions’ will face the semifinal against Atlético de Madrid in Riyadh in search of revalidating the title they already won in 2021 in La Cartuja. “It is not easy at all, but we have already achieved it”, He indicated, recalling last year’s final against FC Barcelona (3-2).

Although they are “aware” of what it costs to “get the games ahead”, Raul garcia influenced that “trust in the group is the same”. “The team, since the current coaching staff arrived, has been on the rise, it is being more regular … It can be done better and we are aware of it”, He stressed.

By history, we always go out trying to show who we are, with the mentality of winning the games. They are three great teams, but given the level we usually give, we can win again”He added, without wanting to talk about the bad moment of his former team, Atlético. “The problems of each team to be solved by whoever belongs to them”, He concluded.

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