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Javier Prado clinical case: what rights does a person have to be treated during an emergency?

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In recent days, it became known that staff of the Javier Prado clinic He demanded that a minor who was run over presents his identity document in order to be assisted. As it turned out, the injured man needed immediate medical attention in the emergency area, which would have been delayed due to this administrative issue.

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Regarding this unfortunate case, Trade visited at least five clinics in Lima located near main avenues and areas with high pedestrian and vehicular load to check what kind of information is provided to patients during their emergency or hospitalization.

All the private establishments of Cercado de Lima, San Isidro, Miraflores and San Borja agreed that they do not restrict care to patients who need emergency services in the event of traffic accidents or any other eventuality and, they pointed out that for the hospitalization or transfer of patients The availability of medical services, the evaluations made by the health personnel and the payment of guarantees for the care and examinations provided are taken into account.

In this note, we also give you all the information that you should take into account if you ever have to face this type of situation.

1. Immediate attention

Eduardo Morón, president of the Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies (Aspeseg) explained to Trade that General Health Law of the Minsa It contemplates the immediate care of patients who require urgent medical services, whether in a public or private establishment. “This care should not require any verification of data or other information. This is an emergency issue before any risk in which the life of a person is in danger “, he limited.

In addition, the specialist noted that Aspeseg has not registered cases of this type and pointed out that constant communication is maintained with insurance companies in order that they can provide timely and quality care to patients.

2. Administrative procedures

The specialist also detailed that in the case of traffic accidents and SOAT coverage, administrative procedures such as the amount allocated for coverage or letters of guarantee in favor of the injured are procedures that are activated automatically in order to avoid harming the health of the victim. “Attention cannot be conditioned on anything. In these cases, the need of the people and their families prevails “, he highlighted.

It is worth mentioning that according to Peruvian regulations, the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) has five types of coverage. These are for death that is up to 4 UIT (S / 17,600), for permanent disability up to 4 UIT (S / 17,600), for healing expenses up to 5 UIT (S / 22,000), for temporary disability up to 1 UIT (S / 4,400) and for burial expenses up to 1 UIT (S / 4,400).

3. Sanctions

From the National Superintendency of Health (Susalud), it was pointed out that the state of health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, “Law No. 27604, which modifies General Health Law No. 26842, is not a reason for exception to compliance with the obligations of health establishments to provide medical care in cases of emergency.”

In the event that public or private establishments do not adequately attend to the emergency area, this entity may initiate an investigation process and sanction or reprimand according to the level of responsibility found.

“The sanctions range from a reprimand to a fine of 500 UIT in the most serious cases, equivalent to S / 2,200,000 (Two million two hundred thousand) according to the Regulations for Infractions and Sanctions of SUSALUD, approved by Supreme Decree 031-2014- SA ”, reported.

In the case of Javier Prado ClinicIt was reported that Susalud has requested the security videos to clarify what happened in the private establishment, also, it was said that constant communication is maintained with the family of the aggrieved minor and with the medical staff.

4. Claims or complaints

When patients or relatives have any questions or consider that they are not being cared for adequately, they can go to Susalud through: social networks Facebook Y Twitter, downloading the SUSALUD WITH YOU App, or by sending an email to [email protected]

It is important to know that the query or complaint must be as detailed as possible and some information such as dates or places must be indicated. Likewise, personal data such as full names, contact telephone number and email must be included so that a contact can be made within 24 hours after making the claim or report.


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