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Joan Laporta acknowledged that he never asked Lionel Messi to play for Barcelona for free

The output of Lionel messi from Barcelona is still a topic of conversation in every appearance of Joan Laporta, club president. Just a few hours ago, the top manager of the Catalans participated in a conversation and referred to the Argentine forward again. This time, the Spanish made the clarification of a version that reached the player’s ears about playing for free for the Catalans.

For context, the Blaugranas leader hinted that there was a request for the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner to continue with the Catalans without charging a single penny. At that time, Laporta appealed to the feeling and love that the player professes towards the entity that gave him so much since he was a child. Those words were known to the striker and it did not take long for him to respond to one of the best footballers of all time.

“Nobody asked me to play for free, but at the same time it seems to me that the words that the president said are out of place. They hurt me because I think there is no need to say that, it is like getting the ball off of you and not assuming its consequences. This makes people think or generates a type of doubt that I think I do not deserve ”, expressed an indignant Messi to the Sport newspaper.

After learning about the position of the current PSG player, Laporta gave his testimony and, in effect, admitted that there was never really a request for him to play for Barcelona for free. Although, the owner of the Catalans insisted that, eventually, the striker could have a great gesture to continue wearing the club’s jacket at the Camp Nou, in a slap that has not necessarily gone down well with the fans.

“I want to clarify. In a radio program they told me: If Messi had stayed free? Free … I don’t know if it could be possible either, but I understand that it is. And for a moment I said, well it could have been “, the president of Barça began his intervention in an interview for the Els Matins program of the medium TV3.

Laporta added: “But I never asked Messi to play for free and in that Messi is right because, apart from that, he is the best player in the world. We knew he had an important proposition and it was absurd. If anything, it had to come out of him, not me. I never said it and a controversy has been formed that is falsified in the origin “.

In closing, the manager wants Lionel to return to Barcelona. “I respect the position that Messi thinks he should have and for my part he has his hand extended. I would like Leo to return to the club one day, if he wants to return, as technical secretary, as he said “, Laporta closed, who said that he did everything possible for the player to remain in the squad, who now shines playing for him PSG.

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