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Joy for the triumph: Mancha Real celebrated after eliminating Luis Abram’s Granada [VIDEO]

The Copa del Rey is a tournament that allows the team of lower divisions to face those in the highest category. On occasions, the contest has left surprises and the 2021-22 edition is not alien to it: Atlético Mancha Real, from the fourth division, eliminated the grenade, who had the Peruvian Luis Abram as a starter (all the first half).

In the 1/32 final round, the ‘Nazaríes’ had to visit the modest promotion club, with notorious favoritism for the present they were going through. On the pitch, dominance was established according to what was planned, but only the local team knew how to be forceful when attacking.

José Enrique was in charge of scoring 1-0 for Atlético Mancha Real at the Polideportivo de la Juventud Stadium in Jaén (21 ′). The minimum difference in the score was enough for the institution to ensure its presence in the next round of the Copa del Rey. Granada suffered from missing the goal options it generated.

Coach Pedro Bolaños fulfilled the initial goal of the ‘Greens’ of qualifying and the celebrations broke out on the playing field. The footballers were notoriously excited by what they had achieved and approached one of the small stands of the sports complex, where they joined the fans to sing some chants.

In the same way, the athletes and technical command of Atlético Mancha Real formed a circle, demonstrating the union they have, and began to jump together. Without a doubt, the game against Granada will be remembered for a long time, by the footballers and the fans.

Atlético Mancha Real in danger of relegation

Atlético Mancha Real’s season is not positive in the Second RFEF, given that they only added 18 points in 15 rounds and are currently in the repechage zone for permanence. However, the difference towards the playoff spots due to promotion to third division is not that wide: they are six units from Mar Menor (5th).

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