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La Molina case: how is it that criminals capture minors through social networks and online games

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Yesterday, Ingrid Marocho and Enrique Hurtado denounced that their 8-year-old daughter had been kidnapped on Av. Los Ingenieros, in La Molina, around 5 pm In images captured by security cameras of the district municipality, a subject, who was wearing a white polo shirt and a black cap, is observed walking with the little girl, and then boarding a taxi to Ate. The parents indicated that the man He approached the house, picked the lock, and opened the gate to get the girl out.

After more than 8 hours of reporting her disappearance, the National Police reported that the 8-year-old girl was left at the door of her home this Wednesday. Likewise, as part of the investigations, he ruled out that it was a kidnapping, since there was no negotiation or any financial requirement.

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“There have been no indications that it would be a kidnapping. There has been no negotiation or financial requirement. What has been is a uptake of the minor, an induction to escape from the home, which is a crime as serious as kidnapping “PNP Colonel Franco Moreno Panta, head of the kidnapping division, specified at a press conference. For their part, Ingrid and Enrique said they did not know the man who took their little daughter.

Find out below how some subjects act through social networks and online games to attract minors and the recommendations for parents to be alert to this threat:

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Recruitment of minors online

Elizabeth Cornejo Espilco, personal data officer on privacy of the Public Ministry, indicated to Trade that in the last three years there has been an increase in complaints for the crime of grooming or child sexual cyberbullying. He explained that it occurs when a person of legal age uses various social networks to establish contact with a minor, posing as a child.

“A crime that has become relevant in recent times is the grooming or child sexual cyberbullying, which is the proposition for sexual purposes to children or adolescents through technological means. The pandemic has favored an increase in cases. This crime can materialize through an online meeting, transferring photos, or a physical encounter that can lead to a violation or even the death of the minor ”, he pointed.

Cornejo explained that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, in addition to online video games, are the platforms most used by cybercriminals to commit this type of crime. Likewise, he regretted that it is still a little publicized issue and that it does not have a public policy focused on the issue of prevention.

There is not much knowledge of the danger of this modality on the part of minors, parents and teachers. At present we do not have a public policy focused on the issue of prevention. Nor is the subject of digital violence embedded in the curriculum, unlike in other countries. The issue of privacy in Europe is well aware. In Latin America no”, He specified.

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What getters are looking for

The specialist explained that the subjects first seek to create a bond of friendship with the minor, and then obtain relevant information about him and his family. Thus, they instruct the minor to carry out various actions, most of the time with a sexual connotation. After obtaining material such as photos or videos, the criminals can persuade the minor to arrange a meeting.

This person makes the child believe that he is another child like him. The minor discovers the truth the moment he meets the person, but for that it is too late”He added.

Cornejo indicated that currently there is law 30096, which is the law of computer crimes. “It was modified and today we have article 5 (propositions to boys, girls and adolescents for sexual purposes by technological means), which penalizes this type of conduct. The penalty is not less than 4 and more than 8 years. Unlike other countries, our penalty is much less ”, I consider.


The main advice to avoid falling into the clutches of these cybercriminals is to raise awareness among minors and parents about the correct use of the Internet, said Cornejo. In addition, he advised parents to monitor what their children see when they are on the computer or cell phone, with the same determination as when they worry when they go out to the street.

The PNP gave talks to schools on the subject of grooming, because this type of behavior was already seen with the vertiginous advance of technology. When your child goes online, you have to be vigilant in the same way as when he goes out on the street. See what pages it enters or what it is doing, you may be able to put filters so that it navigates pages for educational purposes. Place antivirus ”, He said.

He also recommended that parents maintain an open dialogue with their children and realize that they are a victim of grooming Report the incident to the High Technology Division of the PNP. “Together with the Public Ministry they will investigate to be able to identify the criminals“, Held.


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