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LaLiga finds the culprit that Barcelona did not sign with CVC: “He was Florentino’s man”

Javier Tebas, president of The leaguebelieves that the refusal of the Barcelona to sign with the international investment fund CVC comes due to pressure from Ferran Reverter, top executive of the Catalan club and who has submitted his resignation, who was the man of Florentino Perez in the Barça team, or at least one person close to the president of the Real MadridAnd so they decided to leave. This has been commented in an interview published this Friday by El Periódico de España. The manager does not know if now that Reverter has announced his departure, the Catalan entity will join the agreement.

“What I am very clear about is that Ferran Reverter was opposed to CVC and LaLiga and I know that he did not have much affection for me. He is an executive who in a very short time had gotten to know everything. He came from Mediamarkt, from a world of logistics, washing machines and televisions, he arrived at Barça and already knew about television rights, football politics… Everything! ”said.

That is why Thebes considers that Revert “He has led Barça to a complicated situation”not economically “that I did know about that”otherwise “in the commercial, political and institutional sphere”.

Asked if he is satisfied with Reverter’s departure from Barcelona, ​​Tebas admitted that for the club “yes you are concerned”even though “We will have to see who replaces him, we are not going to go from Guatemala to Guatepeor.”

“But if Barcelona knows how to redirect the situation and accepts that it has to do certain things to overcome its economic crisis and grow, it will do well. And LaLiga is interested in Barça doing very well, because it cannot be that one of the two most important clubs in the world is like this. He took risks before the pandemic and after the measures he has taken to get out are not adequate ”he claimed.

Asked if he thinks that the confrontation with the Barça club can be redirected without Reverter, Tebas commented that “That will depend on them (on the Barça leaders)”although he acknowledged that although he has always maintained contact with Laporta, he cannot “mark the line of Barcelona”.

“The current one is one of confrontation with LaLiga and its clubs, which are the ones that are committed to the CVC project. How does it benefit you? Is it giving you something?” he wonders.

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