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The last time there were so many queues to enter vaccination centers was at the beginning of the immunization process against the COVID-19. It was April, the vaccination older adults and many had to queue from early morning to access a dose. Eight months later, the scene of disorder was repeated yesterday, at least a few hours, in some centers of Metropolitan Lima.

The advance of the application of the third dose caused a considerable increase in the number of people in the vaccinations who, after several weeks of regular influx, could not cope in the first hours of the day. This situation became more noticeable in the Vacunacar de la Costa Verde, in the Magdalena district, where a large line of vehicles was reported.

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América Noticias reported that by 7:22 in the morning there were people waiting from 5 am The same was experienced at the Manuel Bonilla Stadium in Miraflores, where the queue of cars stretched for more than half a kilometer. Also in vaccinations of the Jockey Plaza, Campo de Marte and others.

Some people sit and wait until they can enter their vaccinations. (Photo: Cesar Campos/@photo.gec)

Gabriela Jiménez, Executive Director of the Immunization Directorate, maintains that this situation was regularized during the afternoon after the user demand was evaluated. According to him, the increase in brigades to reduce waiting times. “It is true that during the morning there was an increase in queues, but at the same time it has been attended. We have meetings between the four Diris to increase the brigades. We are satisfied because days ago we had a low influx and we had to take the brigades from house to house. Now we fold them and reorder the work “, explained.

In Lima alone, they have 290 fluctuating brigades to be distributed among the 75 vaccination centers and health centers, in addition to home vaccination sessions to close gaps.

The scheduling of the dose stock, he said, obeys the timeline of the second and third pending doses. “Obviously we also study the influx of users and we mobilize taking vaccines. We have stock “, he assured.

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They denounce lack of personnel

For the dean of the Peruvian College of Nurses, Josefa Vásquez Cevallos, the disorder makes clear the need to increase the number of personnel to attend vaccination centers in order to meet the increased demand. Only in the first doses it is necessary to vaccinate 4’510,000 people, for the second to 7’520,371 and more than 20 million for the third dose (progress has been made with just 2’546,713 applications until yesterday.)

“There are queues because probably the number of nurses has decreased. They have redistributed them in other areas because we saw that the number of people who were going to be vaccinated had decreased “, he pointed.

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In dialogue with El Comercio, he indicated that he has also received complaints of dismissal of nurses in different regions. “In the Real Felipe, for example, 14 nurses were removed unexpectedly. We have presented documents to Essalud, but until now they have not been paid and even less have they been reinstated ”, He said.

In his opinion, the gap in human resources continues to be important at all levels of care, especially in vaccination for COVID-19 and the National Scheme, which closes the year with a coverage of barely 50.2% of vaccines against varicella, 43.2% of measles or 58.8% of pentavalent.

Regarding the dismissal complaints, Jiménez said that he has not received information in this regard and that they are in coordination with the MEF to guarantee the continuity of the contracts for next year. “Today we already have the consolidation of all the regions that have complied with the programming. We are taking steps to guarantee human resources next year ”, assured.



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