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Mafia ‘The managers’: the keys to the case for which they raid two ministries and another 34 headquarters

As part of a mega-operation against corruption, agents of the High Complexity Crime Investigation Division (Diviac), of the special investigations team number 2, and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office of Lima, to position of the incumbent prosecutor Janny Sánchez, they raided several properties since dawn today, including the headquarters of the Ministries of Economy and Finance (MEF), and Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS).

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This diligence is carried out as part of an investigation against an alleged criminal organization, called ‘The managers‘, which would be made up of public officials from the aforementioned ministries, who allegedly charged mayors and regional governors 5% of the amount of the public works projects that were approved.

Municipal and regional authorities are also involved in tax inquiries. The diligence took place in Lima, Junín (Jauja and Huancayo) and Loreto.

Raid, implicated and detained

The purpose of this mega-operation is the intervention of a total of 13 people and the search of 36 properties. So far, according to the prosecutor Omar Tello, national coordinator of the anti-corruption prosecutors, 11 people have been detained, all officials of the MEF and MVCS.

The criminal network contacted officials or intermediaries so that through them they could obtain the viability of the projects. (Photo: Britanie Arroyo / @ photo.gec)

It also reported that among the properties searched are the offices of the MEF and MVCS, as well as the homes of the people intervened. In the case of Lima, the operation is carried out in homes located in Puente Piedra, Comas, Ventanilla, among other districts. Other places in the country where the proceedings are taking place are Loreto (Regional Government) and Junín (more than five municipalities involved).

Prosecutor Janny Sanchez has been analyzing some checks that link these people (with an arrest warrant), some annotations, and we hope that after advancing the investigations, a greater link to the initial suspicion can be established. In this case, special investigative techniques have been used, such as legalized wiretapping and monitoring of some of the objectives.“Tello indicated.

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The involved in this case They are being investigated for the alleged crimes of collusion, criminal organization and influence peddling. The prosecutor pointed out that the penalties for these crimes exceed 15 years, and that by accumulation some could receive more than 20 years of sentence if their guilt is proven.

He added that among the detainees there is no presence, for the moment, of mayors or governors.

Modus operandi

It must be taken into account that this criminal network manages a totally different structure from the classic criminal organizations, that is, with a head and from this a structured group. According to tax investigations, the organization ‘The managers’ It is made up of three main nuclei, each of which is managed by intermediaries or managers. These, according to their needs, are supported, in such a way that they make up a large network of distribution of areas in the national territory, linked to urban and rural sanitation programs.

The network focused on the main activity of these three nodal axes. These nuclei were linked to officials or intermediaries so that through them they could obtain the viability of the projects (Ministry of Housing) and also the budgetary part so that they could be executed (Ministry of Economy).

DIVIAC police officers and members of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office raided the home of Julio César Vega Condezo, linked to the criminal organization “Los Gestores”.  (Photo: Joel Alonzo / @ photo.gec)
DIVIAC police officers and members of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office raided the home of Julio César Vega Condezo, linked to the criminal organization “Los Gestores”. (Photo: Joel Alonzo / @ photo.gec)

In addition, these axes contacted through intermediaries with mayors and supplier companies, who paid 5% so that this entire chain of officials can benefit from the work and facilitate its completion.

So far we have 11 cases that have been closed, but we have many more to explore. We are talking about works for S / 200 million, S / 70 million, various amounts, which together add up to approximately one billion“, Explained the prosecutor Tello.

He added that some gifts (material things) were also given in exchange “to ingratiate himself with some officials”, Especially with those who were in charge of delivering the award of the project.

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Ministries speak

The Ministry of Housing, through a statement, stated that it has been providing all the facilities to the representatives of the prosecution and the police who carry out the respective proceedings at their headquarters in San Isidro, “in order to contribute to an investigation into events dating back to 2018″.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy also indicated that “is providing all the facilities so that the authorities can complete the investigations, identify those responsible and apply the sanctions”.

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