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Margot Robbie’s Never-Before-Seen Harley Quinn Costume Revealed

Updated on 02/21/2022 06:57 pm

Last year, the fandom managed to Warner Bros gave the well-known “Snyder Cut”, with which the studio was able to leave the Justice League behind, and now, the same happens with suicide squad with the so-called “Yesterday Cut”, about this film focused on the villains of DC.

And it is that in the version that was seen in theaters we could not observe the true intentions and appreciations of the director David Ayer, which were cut by the studio executives.

Now we have news related to the character of Harley Quinn, characterized by actress Margot Robbie. And it is that new fragments of this film from Yesterday have appeared on social networks, as collected in Comic Book Movie.

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In an image we can see a spectacular costume worn by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the film directed by Yesterday. “Harley Quinn, played by the one and only Margot Robbie”, announces wardrobe supervisor Thornton in his Instagram post.

She wore her wedding dress during the shots filmed in Los Angeles. It was fun to dust it off with the traditional red and blue colors. Of course, Suicide Squad has a lot of secrets hidden in David Ayer’s cut. This is just one of them”. she added.

Exactly what scene we see Harley in this costume is not yet known, however, it is suspected that it may be some kind of wedding with Jared Leto’s Joker, something that makes a lot of sense.


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