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Marvel and Sony consolidate their alliance thanks to the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Updated on 12/18/2021 06:57 pm

Fever for Spider-man: No Way Home is just getting started, though, Marvel studios Y Sony Pictures They are not wasting time and are already planning the future of our arachnid superhero. This was stated by Kevin Feige, director of Marvel Studios, confirming what was previously said by Amy Pascal.

“Amy and I, Disney and Sony, we are talking. Yes, we are actively starting to develop where the story will go, which I am saying openly because I don’t want fans to go through any separation trauma like they did after Far From Home. That won’t happen this time, ”Feige told The New York Times.

The last thing said by Feige refers to the time that, after the premiere of Tom Holland’s second Spider-Man film, the relationship between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios had broken down, removing Spider-Man from the MCU.

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Fortunately, after the success of No Way Home, it seems that the Marvel-Sony alliance has been consolidated, which could lead both companies to share more successes with this and other characters that unite them.

On the other hand, Amy Pascal had already indicated that they were planning for Tom Holland to star in a new Spider-Man trilogy, however, Kevin Feige came out to calm the expectations that Pascal mentioned.

Although the relationship between the two production houses is very “solid”, there were still no concrete plans for future feature films; including the much-rumored Spider-Man 4.

However, Pascal believes that the alliance between Marvel and Sony could last longer, as he revealed to Variety, where he indicated that if it were up to him, the relationship between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios would last longer.

It is likely that, glimpsing the success of No Way Home, both producers have already been talking about the future of Spider-Man, even more so about the fourth installment of our arachnid hero. The future looks promising.


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