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Marvel would have plans for a spin-off with Yelena Velova as the protagonist

Updated on 12/27/2021 10:09 pm

Marvel has already released some of its premieres planned in these post-End Game years, including Black Widow and the Hawkeye series. Both projects had the participation of Florence pugh as Yelena Velova, who is the sister of the avenger Natasha Romanoff, who died in the last movie that reunited the Avengers.

Velova’s participation has been quite well accepted by Marvel fans, and this has permeated the studio directors, because during an interview with Collider, the director of Hawk Eye, Rhys Thomas, on the possibility of a 2nd season.

Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, as the director avoided revealing secrets about Marvel projects, but he said something interesting: he assured that a Hawkeye spon-off “was written by itself.”

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The director of Hawkeye was not the only one to consider this possibility, as much has been said about the chemistry between the actresses Florence Pugh and Hailee Steinfeld, who play Velova and Kate Bishop, who would be the ones who would inherit the mantle of Black Widow and Hawkeye respectively.

Both have been very excited with the idea of ​​getting together again in a project with their Marvel characters, and it seems that the studio does not want to waste the opportunity to have them in action again,

The character is sarcastic, interesting, and can be counted on to deliver a great joke. After seeing his bond with Kate Bishop, the possibility of a spin-off seems like the natural next step, and apparently the series director sees it too.

For this reason, it is quite likely that we can see them in a new series that Marvel launches for Disney +, the idea of ​​strengthening this compatibility between both characters is not very far off so that they become refined in a team, just as Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff did.

Maybe we can see Velova and Bishop’s ‘Budapest’ very soon.


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