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Mayor of La Molina proposes that foreign citizens not provide mototaxi, taxi or delivery service on a temporary basis

Lima, February 21, 2022Updated on 02/21/2022 08:51 am

The mayor of La Molina, Álvaro Paz de la Barra, proposes that foreign citizens be temporarily restricted from working in motorcycle taxis, taxis and delivery services. This due to the increase in robberies and assaults in these vehicles.

“What we are proposing and what I am going to propose to the benches so that there is a consensual, effective debate, with figures, is that temporarily, The possibility of exercising motorcycle taxi, taxi and delivery service activities for foreigners is temporarily restricteddetailed in statements to Canal N.

He indicated that to date the delivery service in Peru does not have a regulatory framework, which is why “it is not regulated.” “In the other services unfortunately Informality abounds, which is why the competent entities have to enter there”.

Mayor of La Molina proposes that foreigners not provide mototaxi, taxi or delivery service temporarily
Mayor of La Molina proposes that foreigners not provide mototaxi, taxi or delivery service temporarily

In addition, he pointed out that his proposal “is not xenophobia” and that a package of labor insertion policies should be worked on alongside it. “We have the Ministry of Labor, all the municipalities, those people who precisely because of this measure -whether it may or may not give birth- It is also to generate labor insertion policies for those foreigners suitable for the positions to be chambearHeld.

Regarding whether he considers his approach to be discriminatory, Paz de la Barra points out that he will not allow “That 70% to 80% of foreigners -because we do not have a good immigration policy- are precisely attacking our peace of mind every day.”


At another time, the mayor of La Molina referred to the rule that prohibits the transit of two people on board a linear motorcycle and indicated that he is against it.

My position is against it because we cannot stigmatizewe cannot transfer the error of an absent State that did not have an effective immigration policy since the time of PPK and transfer that error to millions of Peruvians who precisely have their motorcycle as a means of transportation”he asserted.

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