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Mayor of La Punta announces the closure of beaches on January 1 and 2: “The priority is the health and life of my neighbors”

Lima, December 27, 2021Updated on 12/27/2021 03:25 pm

The mayor of Tip, Ramón Garay León, reported that the district’s beaches will be closed on January 1 and 2. He explained that the measure is given after the large influx of people during Christmas and the possibility of coronavirus infections (COVID-19) in that district.

“With what happened last weekend (December 25 and 26) we are going to take a radical measure, we are going to close the beaches on day 1 and 2. We advise our visitors that They will not be able to enter the beach because the priority here is the health and lives of my neighbors and the people who come to visit us.”, he specified to Canal N. However, he pointed out that the people If they will be able to walk around the district.

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He recalled that at Christmas dozens of people came to the beaches of La Punta. “A lot of people came that with my municipal police we have tried to maintain order and this has overflowed”, he pointed. “On the 25th there were 15 thousand visitors and yesterday 20 thousand visitors. It is a small district, I do not have support from the provincial or regional government or from the central government “he added.

Mayor of La Punta announces that the beach will be closed on January 1 and 2: “Here the priority is health and life” | VIDEO

The mayor said that last Sunday they had to close the district and restricted the entry of taxis and public transport vehicles due to the large number of people who came to spend the summer.

“We have the summer 2022 plan, we are complying with what the Ministry of Health has told us about the squares. We have 203 squares in all that is Cantolao and the boardwalk, a capacity of 850 people for a population of about 4,500 ″, detailed.

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At another time, Mayor Ramón Garay announced that the district’s beaches are being evaluated to be open to the public from Monday to Friday to avoid crowds and contagion of the coronavirus.


The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, will meet this Tuesday 28 with the Armed Forces of Peru (Armed Forces), the Ombudsman’s Office and the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, to evaluate the closure of beaches in the New Year. This after the large influx of people to said open space during Christmas.

Regarding the possibility of closing the beaches nationwide, Minister Cevallos reiterated that he does not rule out this option. “It is not a possibility that is absolutely ruled out, but we understand that it is not the most appropriate if we can achieve some levels of control”, he pointed.

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