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Metropolitano: bus circulation of five feeder routes suspended due to non-compliance in the payment of the subsidy

Lima, December 16, 2021Updated 12/21/2021 06:06 pm

Some five feeder routes of the Metropolitano suspended their service since last Wednesday, December 15, for failure to pay the subsidy to operate in the COVID-19 pandemic, which has harmed users of the road system.

América Noticias explained that the feeder routes that have stopped operating are Tahuantisuyo, Payet, Collique, Tungasuca and Trapiche, which has forced many passengers to use the dangerous collective taxi that circulate around the Naranjal Station.

The operating companies of the Metropolitan They indicated, through a statement from the Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure (AFIN), that the restriction of the service is due to the fact that the authorities did not comply with the delivery of the subsidy for more than three months.

They regret to inform the user public about a progressive suspension of the Metropolitan service since December 15 due to new breaches of the State, since September (more than 90 days late), to apply in a timely manner the reimbursement of the additional and reasonable costs incurred in the provision of the service, as established in the concession contract“Said the concessionaires.

For this reason, the Metropolitan has been suffering from a serious financing problem. So far, a timely and sustainable reimbursement system has not been established. The effort of the concession companies to solve the operation becomes unfeasible”They added.

The operating companies of the Metropolitan emphasized that this situation was generated as a result of the restrictions established by the Government due to the COVID-19, as a limitation on the capacity of buses.


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