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Miguel Palacios, dean of the CMP, on possible closure of beaches: “It is the space in which there are fewer infections, minimum risk”

After the possibility of closing beaches in New Year, the dean of Medical College of Peru (CMP), Dr. Miguel Palacios CeliHe pointed out that the Government should only take restrictive measures for this date, but during the summer these spaces should be kept open to the public.

“The problem of the beaches that has come into debate, this is a movie that we have already seen in 2020. The CMP said that the beaches should be opened and unfortunately it was ignored. (…) The beaches in principle are innocent. The beaches are the space where there are fewer infections, minimum risk. You have to see the behavior of the population that has variedhe told RPP Noticias in a statement.

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He also reiterated that the beaches must be open throughout the summer of 2021. “You have to differentiate that in a few days we are going to kill New Year’s Eve and usher in the New Year. That will last a day or two. (…) That is an issue that the government has to decide with all the inputs and talking with all the actors of this ordering for these days, but for the rest of the summer the beaches have to be open “, assured.

Dean of the CMP on the possibility of closing beaches: “It is the space in which there are fewer infections”

In another moment, the dean of the CMP questioned whether there is operational capacity so that the Armed Forces, the National Police and the police from the various districts located in the coastal area can control the large number of public that will come to the beaches to spend the summer.

“The Government must sit down and talk with all the actors, it is said that, among the Armed Forces, the Police. Do they have operational capacity? than among the serenazgos. Is there operational capacity? Do the municipalities have a budget to order? Is there the capacity to order and distribute to the people? “, he pointed. Added that In these spaces, the Minsa must place vaccination points against COVID-19.

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The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, will meet this Tuesday 28 with the Armed Forces of Peru (Armed Forces), the Ombudsman’s Office and the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, to evaluate the closure of beaches in the New Year. This after the large influx of people to said open space during Christmas.

Regarding the possibility of closing the beaches nationwide, Minister Cevallos reiterated that he does not rule out this option. “It is not a possibility that is absolutely ruled out, but we understand that it is not the most appropriate if we can achieve some levels of control”, he pointed.

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At another time, Miguel Palacios referred to the four hours a day of face-to-face pedagogical classes in schools in urban areas. He pointed out that, if there is an adequate infrastructure and 100% of teachers duly vaccinated, the 6 to 7 hour shift should be respected.

“We have said that there are two things there, the educational infrastructure has to be able to take the step to face-to-face. Second, we have heard the chancellor who says that we have vaccines even to donate, he means that having vaccines in adequate quantity 100% of teachers have to be vaccinated to be able to do the attendance“, Held.

Given these conditions, the academic day must be respected, which according to specialists has to be 6 or 7 hours depending on whether it is first or secondary. In such a way that having an adequate infrastructure and duly vaccinated actors, the pedagogical journey must be respected “, he pointed out.

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