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Minam points out that only two thousand barrels of oil have been recovered from the more than 10 thousand spilled into the sea

Lima, February 14, 2022Updated on 02/14/2022 09:25 am

The Environment Minister, Modesto Montoya, reported that to date the oil company Repsol has recovered only two thousand barrels of crude oil from the more than 10 thousand spilled in the Ventanilla Sea on January 15.

“Only roughly two thousand barrels of oil will have been recovered and what has been spilled is about 11 thousand and of course the rest of the oil has gone to other places in the sea far from the beach that are part of the contamination”, he pointed out in statements to RPP Noticias.

He also explained that there is a 70% progress in cleaning beaches. “We are only talking about beaches, but imagine everything that has gone to the bottom of the sea, everything is contaminated. There is a whole process that would have to be studied later with the participation of scientists”.

Oil spill: Minam points out that two thousand barrels of crude oil have been recovered from the more than 10 thousand spills in the sea
Oil spill: Minam points out that two thousand barrels of crude oil have been recovered from the more than 10 thousand spills in the sea

At another time, the head of the Minam pointed out that the sector will ensure that the fauna and flora are restored to how they were before the ecological disaster. “We have to take care that it is restored to the previous. We have gone personally with a group of experts to the islands where the guano birds are and we have been able to verify, first of all, that they have not cleaned this white foam that surrounds the islands, which is a product of the oil that reacts with the moving sea waters. They’re doing clinical tests. They give the impression that they want to show that this foam does not come from oil, which is false, ”she said.

“Instead of cleaning up (…) the company is looking for other culprits, I get the impression that there is a certain degree of disregard for nature. As I say, the Minam has a whole contingency plan that the company has to comply with and in case it does not it will have to pay the corresponding fines according to national and international regulations”, asserted.


asked about what Repsol has submitted a claim to the owners of the Italian oil tanker Mare Doricum and their insurers for the oil spill, Montoya said that as a sector they must ensure that “conditions are restored” that existed before the ecological disaster.

“What we have to do is make sure that the responsible private company, in this case Repsol, restores the conditions we had before this spill, which is of course quite complex and difficult. The issues that may exist between the private companies involved is already a matter that does not concern us. What we require is that the company restore the previous conditions”, pointed out.

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Repsol promises to finish cleaning up oil spill on the coast in March
The Spanish oil company Repsol promised this Thursday to finish in March the cleaning of the central coast of Peru, affected by a spill in the sea of ​​almost 12,000 barrels of crude oil, on January 15. (Source: AFP)


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