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Minister of Health: “The person who is not vaccinated against COVID-19 is 21 times more likely to die”

Lima, December 22, 2021Updated on 12/22/2021 02:23 pm

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, noted that people not vaccinated against COVID-19 They are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized if they are infected and 21 times more likely to die, compared to a person who has been inoculated against this disease.

“I want to give a figure so that we are all aware of what we are facing. The person who is not vaccinated has 10 times more chances if he is infected to end up hospitalized. What’s more, the person who is not vaccinated is 21 times more likely to die compared to a person who is vaccinated, he mentioned during the supervision of the vaccination day in the Campo de Marte, in Jesús María.

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“This is not a comment, they are differences supported by scientific evidence, and it is that being vaccinated protects you in the first place “, added the official. Second, he clarified that being vaccinated does not mean that you cannot get the COVID-19. Cevallos added that having received a second dose protects us by up to 35% against the variant omicron.

Along these lines, he explained, for example, that being vaccinated with a 3rd dose of Pfizer provides up to 75% protection against omicron variant, while the vaccine AstraZeneca protects 70%.

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“This is in preliminary studies of neutralizing antibodies. But what tells us that, despite being vaccinated even with a third dose, there is the possibility of contagion and development of the disease, he emphasized.

Therefore, the head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) urged people to continue complying with biosecurity measures To avoid the increase in infections, such as social distancing, use a double mask or a KN95 and avoid crowds and non-ventilated environments.

A last report from the Ministry of Health reported that a total of 202,308 people died as a result of the COVID-19. In addition, he explained that infections increased by 1,510 (1,091 in the last 24 hours), so the total number of infected people reaches 2’267,715.

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