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Minister of Health was unaware of the authorization granted to Molnupiravir but anticipates that Peru “will not buy it”

The Minister of Health, Hernan Condoriwas presented this Friday before the Health Commission of the Congress of the Republic in which he reflected ignorance about the scope of the Conditional Sanitary Registry that the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid) awarded Molnupiravir, a pill for the treatment of COVID-19.

When asked about this drug developed by the American pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), the official said at first that he did not have an official document on hand about this drug, but made the mistake of pointing out that Molnupiravir entered Peru. Digemid authorized the importation, storage and marketing, but the drug has not yet been imported into our country. This was confirmed by the laboratory itself to the newspaper Gestión.

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What’s more, Condori Machado was confused when explaining that the approval of this medicine in the country was through the General Directorate of Environmental Health (Digesa), when the entity in charge of granting the sanitary registration is Digemid.

“Actually, there is such a product, I understand. I do not have the official document, but they tell me that it has been approved by the FDA (regulator of the United States) and some countries are using it and thus it has entered Peru through the Digesa, they have certified it and it is already being included in Peru. ”, he said at first, before an adviser apparently handed over Digemid’s authorization from a cell phone.

“On February 17 of this year, Digemid resolution 16202022 was issued in which the sanitary registration of this antiviral group was approved. molnupiravir”, he read correcting himself before the committee of Parliament.

However, as is public, this morning, the Minsa through its Twitter account explained the opposite: The Minsa clarifies that the drug Molnupiravir used as a treatment for COVID-19 has received a health registration issued by Digemid, but has not been acquired by the Ministry of Health to provide treatment.”.

Minister Condori’s clarification

Then, after a few minutes while he finished his presentation on another topic and on the advice of the same Minsa worker who was by his side, Minister Condori asked the legislators for a few minutes to clarify that the Molnupiravir it has not been bought by the sector it leads.

Congressmen, Peru has not bought and will not buy that medicine because it has low efficiency. So we’re just going to keep working. This management of the Minsa ensures the vaccination of minorsalso referred reading.

So, when a congressman asks if Peru will not acquire the Molnupiravirthe current Minister of Health responded that for now the product will not be purchased, and that the Minsa opts to date for vaccination against COVID-19.

No [se comprará]. At least, we as doctors have to do the preventive medicine part and you know very well that the vaccine is the best weapon, and that is why we have to continue vaccinating. This medicine is not to create immunity, it is to prevent viral replication, it does not create immunity. What we want is to protect our entire population from this disease”, narrowed down

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