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Minister of the Interior on foreign citizens in Peru: fingerprints, photos and others will be taken for identification

Lima, February 15, 2022Updated on 02/15/2022 08:35 am

The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Chávarry, reported that he will present a bill regarding the situation of foreign citizens in the country. He indicated that many are entering undocumented through the Peruvian borders.

“In the short term precisely, tomorrow, In the Council of Ministers we are going to present a project regarding the situation of foreigners. They are entering because the border is very big, very wide. Undocumented people are enteringhe specified in a dialogue with RPP Noticias.

Likewise, he pointed out that actions have currently been taken against foreigners who do not carry their identity document.

“They have entered the country and no longer carry documents on the street. (…) Undocumented people are seized. About this, what are we doing? It is trying to identify and take their fingerprints, take their picture, identify where they are living”, detailed the head of the Mininter.

Alfonso Chávarry on crime in the country
Alfonso Chávarry on crime in the country

Chávarry also assured that they will expel foreigners who commit crimes and break Peruvian regulations.With our competent authority and through international treatiesget them out, expel these gentlemen because you cannot allow a foreigner to come and do whatever he wants. They have to be conditioned here, to the norms of Peru. It cannot be that they come and do what they want.”, he asserted.

At another time, the head of the Ministry answered whether the state of emergency would be extended in Lima and Callao. In this regard, he assured that “It will be determined by the authorities in charge of the individual.” In addition, he assured that the Police will continue to carry out their work in the fight against crime, even with a state of emergency or not.

Remember that the measure is scheduled for 45 days.

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