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Ministry of Culture condemns discrimination against watchmen and police during intervention in Miraflores

The culture Ministry (Mincul) spoke about the verbal aggression by a subject to calm Miraflores and agents of the National Police (PNP) during an intervention in said district.

“The day before a video was broadcast showing a class situation and discrimination due to economic condition and contempt to the detriment of municipal guards and police officers in the district of Miraflores”, Says the entity on Twitter.

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Likewise, it condemns any act of discrimination, “Which violates the fundamental rights and freedoms of the human being, as well as against their dignity.” Along these lines, they called on the competent authorities to sanction in an effective and energetic manner, in accordance with the Law, this type of action. “Let’s build a better country together, without discrimination”, ends.


As reported by ’24 hours’, everything originated from a call from the residents of block 3 of Lord Cochrane Street, who indicated that the attacker he was holding a social gathering in a state of emergency.

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Blinded by anger, the irate subject launched insults against the municipal agents: “I’m going to leave you on the street, do you think you are the same as me?”, “You have no idea who my family is”, “Give me your badge.”

After the arrival of the agents, the young man, whose identity is unknown, continued with the insults: “You are corrupt like the p… policemen of this country”, “look at the blood, this is because of you”.

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There was also a physical confrontation at the site, as the watchman who received the insults kicked the defendant’s drink. Thus, the police were called to proceed with his arrest.


When he was going to be framed, the aggressor called his father to defend him, but the man he did not fix his son’s attitude, who continued to disrespect the watchmen and policemen.

“You cannot force an authority to take something from you”, Told him. As the young man continued speaking, he lost his cool: “Do you want me to kick you out in front of everyone? There are times when you have to keep your mouth shut “.

Despite the intervention of his father and his attempts to make him reason, the subject was detained and taken to the police station of Miraflores.

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