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Ministry of Health admits problems of omission or error in the registration of vaccines in the vaccination card

Lima, December 12, 2021Updated 12/12/2021 09:29 am

From Friday, December 10, the vaccination card that accredits both doses against the COVID-19 nationwide to enter closed spaces; however, some people have had trouble submitting it due to misregistration of their information on the virtual platform.

In this regard, the director of Immunizations of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Gabriela Jimenez, informed that they are reviewing these cases and an email will be published soon in which people can ask for a solution to the omission or wrong registration of your data in the vaccination card.

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“Despite the fact that in the last two weeks, before the 10th, a demand has been made at the national level for the intense revision of this criterion, we must be honest that there are people who have omitted their registration. In the greatest number of cases it is that there has been a registration error or they have identified an incorrect vaccination record number”, the official specified in an interview with RPP Noticias.

Minsa confirms problems of omission or error in the registration of vaccines in the vaccination card
Minsa confirms problems of omission or error in the registration of vaccines in the vaccination card

Along these lines, Jiménez assured that this situation is being corrected. “We will go shortly -through the General Communications Office- we are going to post an email that is from all regions of the country. In case someone was and was vaccinated in Tacna, and the error is there, we are going to write an email addressed to the Tacna region so that it can be corrected in the minimum term “he explained.

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From Friday the 10th it is mandatory for those over 18 years of age to present their physical card or virtual that certifies having completed your vaccination against COVID-19 to enter closed spaces and even take trips.

Likewise, companies can only operate in person, only if all your workers certify their complete vaccination against the coronavirus.

Similarly, drivers and collectors of all public transport services, as well as drivers who provide delivery services, can work only if they prove their full dose of vaccination.

According to the criteria of

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