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Minsa and Essalud will carry out free campaigns to identify blood types of each person

After the Executive published the law that from now on the DNI will contain as information the blood group or factor of each citizen, the Ministry of Health (minsa) and Social Security Health (Essalud) will carry out free campaigns to identify the blood type of each person.

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Through a releasethe Health sector points out that the objective of the measure is to know the blood type of people is to provide you with faster care if you need a blood supply due to an accident or medical emergency.

It is established that the Minsa and the Social Health Insurance, in coordination with the Ministries of Education, Development and Social Inclusion and Women and Vulnerable Populations, Reniec, regional governments and local governments, will carry out free blood group and factor determination campaignsas well as promotional and dissemination activities on the importance of including said information in the ID”, specifies the statement.

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The general director of Donations, Transplants and Blood Banks (Digdot) of the Minsa, Juan Almeyda Alcántara, stated that the approval of this regulation is of the utmost importance for his management, as well as for all blood banksgiven that It will allow to respond more quickly to emergencies where blood transfusions are required immediately.

Almeyda considered that the measure is important every time a more accurate identification record, that serves public and private entities for the health care that people require.

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include the group and blood factor in the DNI will allow knowing how the Peruvian population is distributed in terms of ABO and Rh blood groups; and it will contribute to decision-making in blood banks to manage their stock of blood components, according to the distribution of blood group systems.

Likewise, the Minsa indicates that the law will promote the recruitment of voluntary blood donorssince the fact that people know their blood group will allow them to help those who require some blood transfusionas long as they are compatible with your blood group.

about the law

The implementation of this Law 31421 will be gradual and progressiveIn addition, the rule states that the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) will establish, within a period of six months, the corresponding schedule and other provisions for compliance.

In order to facilitate the implementation of this Law, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) and other entities that manage administrative records on the blood group and factor will carry out the pertinent steps to transfer the information to the Renieck.

According to the criteria of

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