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Minsa and Minedu cannot agree on the technical criteria for four hours of classes in urban schools

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) provided that the face-to-face classes in 2022 they will be four teaching hours a day in urban schools. In this regard, the Minister of Health was consulted, Hernando Cevallos, and the Deputy Minister of Pedagogical Management, Nelly Palomino, the technical criteria to establish said period of time for schoolchildren in classrooms.

Speaking to RPP Noticias, the head of the Ministry of Health He referred to “not knowing” the criteria that the Ministry of Education followed to establish the hours of classes in schools in urban areas for the School Year 2022, scheduled to start between March 1 and 14.

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“The truth is that I do not know this criterion indicated by the Ministry of Education. I understand what they should propose to avoid a longer exposure time for children, because we also come from non-face-to-face classes, so that this return is gradual, “he said. “(…) the most important thing is the conditions in which the children will be. That is, if they are going to be in a classroom where adequate social distancing is met, where the children will be at least with the mask for as long as possible ”, added.

Minsa and Minedu do not agree on what is the technical criteria for 4 hours of classes

“I would say that more than arbitrary (the provision), An attempt has been made to find a schedule taking into account the decrease in the time the children stay because they come from a different form of education. (We must) take into account that not all schools keep absolute biosecurity mechanisms to keep children inside for more hours. I guess these are criteria that have been established for the start of classes that will surely be modified with the course of the months “, the Minsa official explained.

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For its part, the Vice Minister of Pedagogical Management of the Minedu, Nelly palominoHe pointed out that the guideline of four hours of classes in urban schools was given by the Minsa. “The Ministry of Health is the technical authority for these cases. It is definitely based on medical and scientific evidence that makes us abide by it “, he assured.

Informed about what was said by the head of the Minsa, regarding the fact that it is the Ministry of Education that provides said guideline, the official stated that “the coordination” for the return to face-to-face classes they were carried out at the level of vice-ministries.

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Suddenly there comes a communication issue. I can show the minutes where officials from the Minsa and the Minedu participated, we have negotiated there. Even our orientation is to have a greater scope and breadth of attention to our students; however, we have reached that pattern. We have an act with the Minsa officials who in any case are health professionals “, referred.

Minsa and Minedu do not agree on what is the technical criteria for 4 hours of classes
Minsa and Minedu do not agree on what is the technical criteria for 4 hours of classes

“However, I understand that the minister has referred to the current context. In the current context, we have remained like this. We cannot predict how the development or evolution of the pandemic may be and God willing, suddenly in March we will be with new readjustments in favor of, he pointed out.

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