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Minsa: former minister Cevallos asks Condori to specify who makes up the alleged “mafias” within the health sector

Lima, March 2, 2022Updated on 03/02/2022 09:52 am

The former Minister of Health Hernando Cevallos requested that the current holder of said portfolio, Hernan Condorispecify who are the members of the alleged “mafias” within the sector and that they would seek their exit from the Minsa, as he assured the day before.

“Thousands of people work in Minsa defending Health. That is why the minister should specify the members of the alleged “mafias” that he has discovered”, Cevallos tweeted on Tuesday.

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Cevallos’ publication comes a day after Condori’s statements, who pointed out that an alleged “mafia” It is the one that would be behind the demand for his departure from the Minsa. We found a whole mafia in the health sector and whoever is speaking to you is uncovering different irregular processes from all previous efforts”, detailed the Minister of Health in statements to TV Peru.

“I tell you, we have 93 million [de soles] that they have been in the file for three years and have never done anything. With that money we are going to improve the health posts in Metropolitan Lima. Three years they have not used [ese presupuesto]. Rather, 40 million [de soles] have been spent on consultancies. That is the mafia that comes to want me to go”, he added.

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However, the current Minister of Health is questioned from various sources for his lack of suitability for the position, for having promoted products without scientific support, practicing obstetrics without having the specialty, being investigated for the alleged crimes of improper charges and negotiation incompatible in Junín, among others.


Today, Wednesday, March 2, the Medical College of Peru (CMP) will make a plant outside the Minsa to demand the departure of Hernán Condori. The call is for 10 am

Speaking to the press, the dean of the CMP, Raul Urquizorecalled that they have already requested the immediate dismissal of Dr. Condori Machado because “he does not meet the minimum profile to be able to lead such a complex portfolio at this stage of the third wave of COVID-19.”

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