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Minsa informs that starting this week the distribution of medicines for cancer patients will be regularized

Lima, February 15, 2022Updated on 02/15/2022 08:44 am

The Ministry of Health (minsa) reported that as of this week the distribution of cancer drugs will be regularized in the different health establishments nationwide. This, after cancer patient associations claimed the shortage of drugs that prevented many from continuing with their chemotherapies.

Through a releasethe sector specifies that there are 23 oncological pharmaceutical products, including Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate Etoposide, Docetaxcel, Ondansetron, Erlotinib, Capecitabineamong others.

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In the pronouncement, the Minsa indicated that At the international level, there was a decrease in the supply of anticancer drugs; However the National Center for the Supply of Strategic Health Resources (Cenares), has made purchases of medicines that are entering its stores and that will be distributed not only to Minsa establishments; but also to those of the Social Security of Health, Essalud.

“Given the resolution of the contracts for the supply of 15 medicines, by local suppliers, which had a negative impact on the schedule for the delivery of medicines to the IPRESS of the Minsa; Immediately, coordination was made for their purchase abroad, the same ones that, due to the volumes acquired, are allowing not only to have the required medicines, but are also generating significant savings for the institution.he added.

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In this sense, the Minsa reported that between February 10 and 14 the INEN, DIRESA Callao, DIRESA Junín, DIRESA Cusco, GERESA Lambayeque, Cayetano Heredia Hospital, María Auxiliadora Hospital, San Rosa Support Hospital, San Borja National Children’s Institute and Essalud, among others, received 49,475 units of medication that will allow them to guarantee the treatment for children with cancer.

In addition, In the next 30 days, more than 795,000 units of 19 cancer products will enter Cenareswhich will be distributed to the different health establishments.

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