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Minsa on Molnupiravir: “We have no evidence to support this admission as a COVID-19 treatment”

Lima, February 18, 2022Updated on 02/18/2022 10:56 am

After it became known that the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid) granted the Conditional Sanitary Registration to Molnupiravir, a pill for the treatment against coronavirusthe CEO of Strategic Interventions of the Ministry of HealthAlexis Holguín, clarified that the use of this drug developed by the company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) is not approved in the treatment protocol in hospitals in the country until more scientific evidence on its use is found.

In dialogue with RPP, the official explained that the approval of Digemid is part of a “administrative process”. He even cited as an example that in November 2021 the same entity attached to the Ministry of Health (Minsa) also approved the sanitary registration of another medicine for the treatment of COVID-19and that to date has not been used in the country nor is it commercialized.

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“[El Molnupiravir] it is very similar to this medicine [fármaco que recibió registro sanitario en noviembre de 2021], is an antiviral that at this time is not in the protocols of the Ministry of Health. It has been previously evaluated before the entry of the Omicron variant because it is recalled that the studies have been with other variants and unvaccinated patients. Likewise, we continue to find out if there is new evidence and information, but now it is not in any of our Minsa protocols.he asserted.

“[El registro sanitario al Molnupiravir] it is an administrative procedure, it is not a procedure that is entering to be used. I have a medication that has an efficacy that is not that high. The administrative procedure is done, it is approved, but it does not mean that it is being used in a protocol [de tratamiento]. He gave as an example what happened in November 2021, the drug for COVID-19who is authorized [de la Digemid], but it is not used. In other countries it is also authorized and it is not used either”, he added.

Molnupiravir will be administered twice daily to newly diagnosed covid patients.
Molnupiravir will be administered twice daily to newly diagnosed covid patients.

When asked why the Minsa does not approve the purchase of the MolnupiravirHolguin explained: “Not necessarily because they use it in other countries, we also have to include them. We have to see how it causes effectiveness and see the reality in other places. This drug was tested in unvaccinated with a different variant and an initial efficacy of 50% and after its approval, a study came out reporting that it was 30%. When we did the review with the INS, the study group that had studied this drug was very small. So there is not enough information.

Along these lines, the Minsa representative pointed out that the Molnupiravir is not available in the country Until now. When asked if it is clear that no establishment in the health sector will be able to prescribe this drug, but private clinics could do so, he added “that it will be the pharmacies and Digemid that will have to deal with the issue.”

“We do not yet have that conversation with the laboratory if it is going to make the admission or not, so we do not know the cost. I repeat, it is not within the protocol [de tratamiento ] del Minsa and we have no further evidence to support this income as a treatment for COVID-19. There are short-lived measures such as vaccination”, sentenced.

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