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Minsa on withdrawal of the use of masks: “We do not believe it is convenient at this time to evaluate it”

Lima, March 2, 2022Updated on 03/02/2022 07:40 am

After the Government lifted restrictions and from Monday, February 28, businesses can attend with 100% capacity in the middle of the third wave of COVID-19the Ministry of Health ruled out that the withdrawal of the use of masks in the country is under evaluation at the moment.

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The director of the General Directorate of Strategic Interventions in Public Health (DGIESP), Alexis Holguín, explained that although there is progress in the vaccination process against COVID-19, there is still a wide gap in the application of the third dose, so it is not convenient at this time the removal of masks.

“Thinking about the removal of masks has not yet been placed in the discussions [del Minsa]. We are just finishing the third wave and we do not believe it is convenient at this time to evaluate what the removal of the mask is “he noted for Latina.


Mandatory use of a mask in Peru

According to Supreme Decree 016-2022-PCM which extends the State of National Emergency for 32 days, within the framework of COVID-19, and which has been in force since this Monday, February 28, indicates that restrictions such as the mandatory use of a KN95 mask or, failing that, a three-fold surgical mask and a fabric mask on top to circulate on public roads and in closed places.

Among other measures in the aforementioned rule, published last Sunday, February 27, it appears that minors from the age of 12, for entry to public spaces such as beaches, stadiums and air and interprovincial transport, will be required to present the card vaccination with both doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 to access these spaces.

As it is public, after the controversial possibility of eliminating the mandatory use of masks by COVID-19 in Peru, last week, the Minister of Health, Hernan Condorispoke about it and warned of the cons that the eradication of this measure would cause in the midst of a third wave of coronavirus.

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Worldwide and Latin American countries are practically at 100% capacity and I even saw in Bogotá that they announced the non-mandatory use of masks. The detail is that Spain did (lift the use of masks) and that is where the fourth and fifth waves began to appear. We must be very careful”, he indicated.

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