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Minsa: vaccination against COVID-19 will continue during Christmas and New Year

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, reported that during the Christmas and New Year holidays the vaccination points against the coronavirus (COVID-19) will continue to serve citizens.

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We have brigades ready to vaccinate every day, including Christmas. There are personnel who, despite the holidays, will continue to vaccinate, we are going to come to the commercial emporiums, everywhere to facilitate vaccination. What we want is the willingness of people to get vaccinated”, Indicated the member of the ministerial cabinet during an activity in Villa El Salvador.

In addition, he indicated that Peru registers, according to the latest vaccination report, 74.1% of the target population immunized with the two doses against the COVID-19.


Minsa stressed that there is an increase in vaccinated since the vaccination card is required for closed spaces.

Cevallos pointed out that this figure is a significant advance, as it was something unthinkable months ago. He asked citizens to maintain preventive measures so that the end of the year holidays are not the trigger for the third wave of the COVID-19.

It is an important advance that we must value and remember that the pandemic continues. We must close ranks so that this omicron variant does not hit us. Let’s protect ourselves, so that these Christmas holidays are not the trigger for the third wave to start and cause us the damage that it has caused us before”, Expressed Cevallos.

The right to health and the protection of all citizens is ahead of going to a party. We would like to get together, go to dances, but this is not possible (…) you have to stay in the family bubble and not stop using the double mask. It is not about thinking how I have fun tomorrow, but how I take care of my future, that is why the vaccine is hope, it is having a future”, He expressed Hernando Cevallos.

Complete the booster dose

Regarding the booster dose against COVID-19, the general director of Immunizations of the Minsa, Gabriela Jiménez, specified that, to date, in the population over 50 years of age the coverage reaches 22.1% and that it is a still low percentage, for which she invoked the citizenship to receive their booster dose if it has been five months since the second dose.

We consider it to be a significant advance, but not the optimal one, therefore, we continue to wait for them at the vaccination points in Lima and the rest of the country to come in for their booster dose. This increases the level of defense of the person’s body”, Said the specialist.

For his part, the minister Hernando Cevallos He also reiterated to the population to go for their booster dose to avoid becoming seriously ill from the COVID-19.

90% of the people who are in intensive care are those who have not completed their two doses (…) It has been pointed out that after five months the effectiveness of the vaccine begins to decrease a little, for that reason it is necessary to have a third dose especially people who have some degree of vulnerability”, He commented.

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