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Minsa: vaccination exemption document is not valid to enter closed spaces

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that the vaccination exemption document is not valid to enter closed spaces. Let us remember that from December 10 it is mandatory to present the vaccination card that proves two doses against the coronavirus (COVID-19) to be able to enter galleries, shopping centers, restaurants, among others.

“The supreme decree is very clear, it is asking for a physical or digital vaccination card with its QR code, either issued in Peru or abroad. No exemption card is mentioned, that is not a valid document or official document ”, stressed the head of the General Directorate of Strategic Interventions in Public Health (Dgiesp), Alexis Holguín.

The official indicated that, due to the card requirement, many people are coming to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the first time.

We have had an increase in the groups that had stopped coming to get vaccinated, who were 18 to 29 years old, many of them had not received their first dose and were not protected. That is, there are people who have just come to be vaccinated “, He said.


Through its social networks, the Minsa explained that the supposed “Vaccination exception certificate” is completely false. “According to DS 179-2021-PCM you must present the vaccination card, in physical or virtual format, issued in Peru or abroad”, maintained the institution.

“There is no exception card, those who are giving a card saying that it is their right not to be vaccinated that is completely illegal. There is no person or official who is authorized to deliver it and, if someone is doing it, they are usurping functions and we are going to report it because that is contradictory. to the end that we give to protect the population “said the Vice Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, to RPP.


In the commercial emporium of Gamarra, galleries and shopping centers are complying with requesting the vaccination card against COVID-19 at each entrance door. Likewise, those people who have not received their first dose or have yet to complete their immunization, They can go to the fixed vaccination point located in the Cánepa Park.

According to Paolo Pardo, health personnel from the Directorate of Integrated Health Networks (Diris) Lima Centro, the Gamarra health brigades have intensified their work due to the large influx of people who come to get vaccinated.

The public has tripled since the announcement that a vaccination card against COVID-19 must be presented with the two doses. More doses and brigades had to be brought in to vaccinate all the people who work in this area and those who shop ”, commented.

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