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Miraflores: cameras capture when the subject snatches a child from his mother

Lima, February 18, 2022Updated on 02/18/2022 07:32 am

A child was snatched from his mother’s hands on Av. Petit Thouars in Miraflores. Images recorded by security cameras show when the man gets into the truck with the minor and flees.

The video broadcast by the América Noticias newscast first shows the mother with the 4-year-old boy and another adult who accompanies them. The three of them walk along the sidewalk and suddenly a truck parks behind them from which a man wearing the Peruvian national team jersey quickly gets out.

The subject grabs the child from behind to take him away, but his mother does not release the child, so she receives a punch that knocks her to the sidewalk. Then, the man manages to enter the car with the minor.


Kidnapped Minor

The mother got up and tries to get into the truck, but is dragged for a few meters. Meanwhile, the woman’s companion tries to prevent the minor from being taken, but does not achieve the objective.

The morning stated that According to National Police sources, the person who snatched the 4-year-old boy would be his father.who is a US citizen.

It transpired that before the incident the child’s mother had gone to the Miraflores police station in order to request guarantees for his life by denouncing that he was the victim of threats by his ex-partner.

However, according to América Noticias, the woman was told at that police headquarters that she had to go to the Prefecture. And it was on the way to this entity where the outburst of the minor occurred.

The case is being investigated at the police station. Mirafloresand so far the identity of those involved is unknown.

Regarding this case, the The Ombudsman’s Office asked the National Police to carry out an investigation to give as soon as possible with the whereabouts of the child.

“We ask @Policia_Peru to investigate the kidnapping of a child spread through social networks, in order to protect his life and integrity”indicates the post on your Twitter account.

He also urged the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) to contact the family to provide the necessary legal, social and psychological assistance.

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