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Movie “Conjuration in the Woods” opens in theaters

Updated on 02/10/2022 06:26 pm

The tape “Conjuro en el bosque” comes to renew our billboard local with horror and suspense.

“Conjuration in the Woods” is the story of a couple from Los Angeles who decide to escape from the routine and take a romantic trip to a retirement hotel near a forest, where they accidentally witness the exorcism of an 11-year-old girl. the one they decide to rescue without imagining that this would be the end of their romantic getaway.

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Watch the trailer here:

“Conjuration in the Forest” is a film of American production but filmed in India, under the direction of Vikram Jayakumar. This is a production that is rarely seen on our billboards, a film located mostly in India with beautiful cinematography and that presents us with a terror never seen before mixing a bit of the terrifying folklore of India with the commerciality of American terror.


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