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National Council of Education asks Congress to reflect on the implications of passing the law against Sunedu

Lima, February 7, 2022Updated on 02/07/2022 04:50 pm

The National Council of Education (CNE) called on the Congress of the Republic to reflect on the implications of the approval in the second vote of the law that reestablishes the autonomy and institutionality of Peruvian universities, which proposes the change in the composition of the members of the board of directors of the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu). As well as the setback that this would generate.

Through a statement, the entity also urges the Ministry of Education (Minedu) to lead concerted efforts that increase the possibility of having a quality university education, consistent with the goals of the National Policy for Higher and Productive Technical Education, that trains citizens, professionals and people guided by a shared vision and by the purposes of the National Educational Project.

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“The opinion (…) constitutes an example of decisions that are alien to the real interests of the students, their families and the country. (…) This formula contravenes the Constitutional Court, which pointed out the need to create an impartial and independent agency of the universities that ensures that they meet basic quality conditions. and subsequently dismissed claims of unconstitutionality referring to the alleged affectation of university autonomy, as well as requests to challenge the formation of the Board of Directors of Sunedu and the appointment of the Superintendent by the Minedu“, it reads.

Likewise, the CNE pointed out that the first instance vote in favor of the law against Sunedu puts the “particular interests to the common interest that should prevail in these decisions, given the nature of education as a public good.”

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This primacy of private interest over public interest is, in the opinion of the CNE, one of the causes of the profound political crisis that our country is going through.. It is urgent to avoid that, taking advantage of the turbulence and short-term needs, policies whose benefits are already evident are discontinued: 95 universities and graduate programs improved the conditions in which they provide services to their students and were licensed, while licensing was denied to another 50 institutions that did not meet the minimum operating standards”he points out.

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