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National Police: they denounce corruption in the purchase of protection items against COVID-19

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a series of police agents who are alleged to be members of a corruption and bribery network within the National Police of Peru (PNP).

According to a report by Punto Final, the investigation focuses on the direct award of S / 13.1 million for the purchase of masks, alcohol, gloves and other protective items against COVID-19. Of this amount, the bribe would amount to S / 1.06 million.

According to a group of effective collaborators, the modus operandi of these police officers would be to deduct the General Sales Tax (IGV) from the product to be purchased and, on this amount, collect 10% of the “profit” from these agents.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Reynaldo Abia, investigates PNP colonels Percy Alberto Tenorio Gamonal and Donayre Bienvenido Pilco Carmen, as well as five of his colleagues. The collaborators affirm that three companies that contracted with the institution were linked to the first officer.

“Mónica Egúsquiza Cartagena and Patricia Sovero Niño worked as commission agents of the companies D’JAVA Negocios EIRL, Kristel Negocios y Comunicaciones EIRL and Devigo Comunicaciones EIRL, companies managed by Percy Alberto Tenorio Gamonal, active police officer, who financed the operations of the referred companies and that constituted them through third parties in order to benefit from state contracts “indicated one of the effective collaborators.

Tenorio Gamonal, 57, is head of the PNP’s Directorate of Special Operations, and during the protests against Manuel Merino, he commanded agents who repressed citizens. In fact, the police officer is facing a criminal complaint for aggravated homicide for the deaths of Inti Sotelo and Bryan Pintado.

“The three companies were financed by Colonel Percy, but he had them in the name of third parties”added the testimony of effective collaborators.

Monica Egúsquiza would be in charge of delivering the bribes to the agents of the PNP’s Directorate of Economy and Finance. This would be the case of Antonieta Montoya, former head of the PNP Warehouse Office, to whom a payment of S / 6,000 was registered “to stop bothering.”

For Colonel Pilco Carmen, the fee would have amounted to S / 70,000 to speed up the payment process for item 2 of direct contracting 003-2020.

“They were delivered in parts, first it delivered S / 50,000 and then S / 20,000. It is not certain when and how that money was delivered, but Percy told Monica that it was part of the expenses that had been made in direct hiring 003-2020. I know that Monica wrote all those sums of money in the excel table where she kept track “One of the effective collaborators explained in his testimony.

“The case is well formed, accredited, while there are several people who have already admitted the facts and are collaborating. However, they are trying to reach out to collaborators, shut them up and threaten them. They are aggravating their situation “, stressed, for his part, the prosecutor Abia.

According to the criteria of

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