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Netflix confirms there will be a BioShock movie

In recent years, the film industry has turned to the film adaptation of sagas of video game. Uncharted is just one example of a movie that is already in theaters, but just days ago the trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was released during the Super Bowl 2022 campaign.

Netflix It is also one of the production companies that bets on the adaptations of games to series. The Witcher premiered its second season just days ago and the third installment is already being filmed.

Well, this company has surprised gamers with an announcement: BioShock will have a movie. It is an agreement that has been cooking for almost a year and today, February 15, has been confirmed.

Netflix, 2K and Take-Two Interactive Collaborate on the Production of This Adaptation of the Renowned BioShock Video Game Franchise”, reads the statement from the streaming platform.

For now, the release date is unknown and whether it will be a live-action or animated edition. But at least it wouldn’t be canceled like that BioShock tape that was in the plans 10 years ago.

Bioshock movie confirmed

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