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New Year: all restrictions that citizens must abide by between December 31 and January 1 at the national level

Citizens will have to abide by a series of restrictions for Friday, December 31 and Saturday, January 1 on the occasion of the celebrations for the New Year, and before the advance of the omicron variant (COVID-19) in the country, which to date has a total of 71 cases. Among the measures are a new schedule of compulsory social immobilization (curfew) throughout the country.

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, had announced a different curfew during New Year as it happened with the Christmas, which entails the prohibition of meetings and social events during those hours, which The sale of food and alcohol on beaches will not be allowed, and interprovincial travel with restrictions will apply.

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In the following video, see the complete list of breaks for the coming year and plan your next vacation.

Here are the restrictions:


This will now be from 11 pm on Friday, December 31, until 4 am on Saturday, January 1 throughout the national territory. This new schedule was made official through the Supreme Decree 186-2021-PCM that modifies the previous one, which had been established in the Supreme Decree 179-2021-PCM, and that was published on December 9, which indicated the restriction between 1 am and 4 am

In the referred rule, which must be updated, it is specified that during the aforementioned curfew hours Any social gathering organized in Peruvian territory is prohibited, including social events and family visits.

Therefore, celebrations in restaurants, bars and other public establishments, even in open-air venues, also will be prohibited on the dates and times indicated.

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Private cars

Compared to 2020, the Executive did not issue any restrictions related to the use of private vehicles or their transit during New Year’s Eve, with the exception of curfew hours.

Interprovincial travel

Regarding interprovincial trips, the Supreme Decree 186-2021-PCM It also provides that passengers of the interprovincial land transport service over 18 years of age, at the four alert levels, They will only be able to travel if they prove their full dose of vaccination in Peru or abroad; or failing that, they can present a negative molecular test with a result date no greater than 72 hours before boarding.

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Social gatherings forbidden

The rule specifies that during the aforementioned business hours curfew during Friday, December 31 and Saturday, January 1 (from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am) Any social gathering organized in Peruvian territory is prohibited, including social events and family visits.

The reason for this measure is to prevent more infections of COVID-19 and, therefore, stop the spread of the new variant ormicron, which has turned out to be more contagious than delta.

Let’s remember that in 2020 Meetings and social events were also prohibited during these dates.

They prohibit sale and consumption of alcohol on the beaches

The Government ordered the prohibition of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and food on beaches, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and public swimming pools throughout the country, as a preventive measure in the context of the pandemic of the COVID-19. This must be fulfilled on days December 31st 2021, and January 1 and 2, 2022.

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Will it be possible to enter the beaches?

On Monday, December 27, the Minister of Health Hernando Cevallos, did not rule out the closure of beaches during the New Year. This after the large influx of people in the various spas of the capital during Christmas and the increase in cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19 in the country.

“Without any doubt, it will be necessary to coordinate with the municipalities and make a decision. I do anticipate that It is very likely that in some beaches where the experience at Christmas has shown us that there have been overflows, those beaches will have to be closed“, Said the head of the Minsa in an interview with Canal N.

Today, Tuesday, December 28, the owner of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will meet with the Armed Forces of Peru (Armed Forces), the Ombudsman’s Office and the mayor of Lima, Jorge Muñoz, to evaluate the closure of beaches in the New Year.

So far, the mayor of La Punta, Ramón Garay León, reported that the district beaches They will be closed on January 1 and 2. While, Ventanilla evaluates the closure of its Costa Azul beach for those days.

While the Ancón beaches will be open to the public on December 31 and January 1, 2022 and that they will require the vaccination card against COVID-19. The burgomaster Pedro John Barrera He said that fences have been placed inside the spa to control the capacity that reaches 8,000 people and also restrict private transport.

Last year the beaches were closed to the public from December 22, 2020 to January 4, 2021 to avoid the risk of crowding of people and eventual infections of COVID-19 during the festivities of end of the year.

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COVID-19: know the restrictions established by the Government for the New Year
Look at the measures you should take into account to spend the New Year amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru.


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