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New Year’s Eve parties: INS recommends consuming 50 grams of panettone per person during Christmas and New Years

During the month of December, the traditional panettone and hot chocolate are not lacking at the tables of Peruvian families, especially at Christmas, so the National Institute of Health (INS) recommended the appropriate amount that each person should consume in order to take care of their health.

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Speaking to Canal N, the INS nutritionist, Henry Trujillo Aspil, explained that a classic panettone weighs a total of 900 grams. “When it arrives at our tables and we split it, we normally cut it into 100-gram slices”, precise.

Explained that a 100 gram serving equals 371 calories, which is equal to consuming five loaves. He recommended that the ideal serving size would be 50 grams per person.


INS recommends consuming 50 grams of panettone per person during holidays at the end of the year

“Normally, that 100-gram portion that we usually consume is five loaves if I don’t eat it with anything. But if I spread butter, I’m eating one more bread “, he alerted.

The specialist pointed out that if you spread butter on both sides of the panettone portion, you would be consuming a total of seven loaves. Also, if you put together a piece of panettone with nothing and a cup of chocolate, it would also equal seven loaves.


For its part, the College of Nutritionists of Peru (CNP) warned that, due to the abuse in the consumption of foods with high levels of carbohydrates and fat at the end of the year parties, such as panettone, chocolates, salads with mayonnaise, fried foods and alcohol, the population increases its weight.

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According to the CNP, Christmas Eve dinner and toast can reach 1,700 calories, not counting the food already consumed during the day. Those calories become overweight because many families have the habit of having dinner at midnight and going to bed, without doing any physical activity ”, precise in a statement.

In this regard, the nutritionist Antonio Castillo recommended moderate amounts in food and alcohol, balance food with raw or cooked vegetables and seasonal fruits, and above all stay active, avoid sedentary lifestyle.

Likewise, he warned that the intake of sugars and carbohydrates affects especially hypertensive and diabetic people, who could suffer from a complication related to their disease.

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Remember that being overweight and obesity are risk factors for developing severe cases or complications of COVID-19.

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