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No pardon for Dani Alves: the RFEF ratified a two-game ban in LaLiga Santander

The Appeals Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rejected this Friday the appeal of the Barcelona against the suspension of Dani Alves and ratified the suspension for two matches of the Brazilian, who will miss the matches against Espanyol and Valencia. The azulgrana team had filed the appeal alleging their disagreement with the interpretation made by the Competition Committee of the sanctioned move, especially regarding the possibility or not of contesting the ball for the South American footballer in the league match against Atletico Madrid.

For this reason, the Barça club defended that Dani Alves be sanctioned with a single suspension game “according to the first paragraph of article 114, which provides for said sanction for cases in which the expulsion is due to situations in which the footballer was possibility of contesting the ball.

Thus, Barcelona asked the Appeals Committee to analyze whether the play in question is an expulsion in which there is or is not the possibility of playing the ball by Dani Alves. “For this, the only evidence that is in the file must be assessed, that is, the minutes of the match”, recalls the Appeals Committee.

The report drawn up by referee Jesús Gil Manzano stated: “In the 69th minute, player (8) Daniel Alves Da Silva (…) was sent off for the following reason: Hitting the opponent’s calf with his studs without options to play the ball”.

According to the Appeals Committee, Barcelona argued in its appeal that the Competition Committee sanctioned Alves for two games “due to the existence of an error of interpretation by the referee.”

“It is not the function of the disciplinary body in any case to assess the application and interpretation of the rules of the game, since this is “sole, exclusive and definitive competence of the referees, without the federative disciplinary bodies being able to know about them”, as established article 111.3 of the aforementioned rule”, underlines the Appeals Committee.

Likewise, the resolution indicates that Barcelona did not provide “any videographic or photographic evidence” that “breaks the content of the match minutes.”

And it concludes: “Ultimately, in the absence of evidence that distorts the content of the arbitration record, the alleged material error cannot be appreciated and the presumption of veracity of the record prevails, the text of which perfectly supports the typification and corresponding sanction by the Competition Committee. ”.

With information from EFE

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