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OEFA on whether beach cleaning has advanced by 72% according to Repsol: “It is not what we are verifying in the field”

Lima, February 15, 2022Updated on 02/15/2022 11:00 am

The head of the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA), Miriam Alegría, referred to the progress made in cleaning beaches after the oil spill in the sea of ​​Ventanilla occurred on January 15. He announced that in a few weeks they will publish the information on the real progress of the company Repsol.

“We are verifying the cleaning process. There is a line that has to do with the verification of surface cleanliness, but in parallel we are doing a follow-up sampling both in the sea and on the beaches themselves and Based on that, we are going to provide in a few weeks the information on the real progress of what we as an environmental control entity have determined”, he pointed out in a dialogue with RPP Noticias.

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Regarding the information disseminated by Repsol, about what To date, 72% progress has been made in cleaning up the affected areas for the spill of the ship Mare DoricumAlegría pointed out that “It is not what they are verifying in the field.”

OEFA on whether 72% progress has been made in cleaning beaches according to Repsol: “It is not what we are verifying in the field”

“That information that is actually flowing, we understand that it is the company’s version, but it is not what we are verifying in the field. We are just going to process it, we are still verifying it, I would not like to advance any figures in this regard because that is in the process of consolidation”, he asserted.

At another time, the head of the OEFA was asked for her opinion that Repsol has filed a claim with the owners of the Italian oil tanker Mare Doricum and their insurers for the spill of more than 10,000 barrels of crude oil into the sea.

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“Beyond the problem or suddenly the contradictions that may be occurring at the level of individuals, because it is really a discussion between individuals, we are doing an objective investigation based on the facts that we are collecting in the field. For us it is very important, for example, the input that Osinergmin is going to provide us because they also, within the framework of the investigation process they are doing, have valuable technical information that will allow us to determine the cause of the event”Held.

“Let us remember that the OEFA enters into the framework of its powers to verify this from the moment the contingency plan is activated. That is to say, once the spill has occurred, it is that the OEFA comes in to verify that this contingency plan is fulfilled in an ideal manner by the company”, pointed out.

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Repsol promises to finish cleaning up oil spill on the coast in March
The Spanish oil company Repsol promised this Thursday to finish in March the cleaning of the central coast of Peru, affected by a spill in the sea of ​​almost 12,000 barrels of crude oil, on January 15. (Source: AFP)


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