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Oil spill in Ventanilla: fisherman affirms that cleaning the coastline by Repsol is “a hoax”

Lima, February 16, 2022Updated on 02/16/2022 08:51 am

One month after the ecological disaster caused by the oil spill In the sea of ​​Ventanilla, on January 15, the fisherman of the Bahía Blanca beach, Alejandro Huaroto, pointed out that the work carried out by the company Repsol in the affected areas is “a hoax”.

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“Since everything has happened I have not gone to the marches so much, I have dedicated myself to rescuing animals, looking for and monitoring places where there is oil that even the authorities or Repsol could not find. We found oil in some caves in Puerto Pachacútec, we had to send the coordinates to clean them up. Every day we rescue birds, animals, then Serfor takes them away, we are dedicated to that”, he specified in dialogue with RPP news.

“When I see those animals die, I wonder who is going to repair that. The worst of all in terms of progress – I could honestly be wrong – but the cleanup they’re doing at sea is a hoax. They are supposed to be using the technology of sausages to contain the oil, but they put two sausages in parallel, both on the Coast and it looks like the oil goes through the middle to the north”, asserted.

Alejandro Huaroto, fisherman from Bahía Blanca de Ventanilla: "An association went to Congress seeking help
Alejandro Huaroto, fisherman from Bahía Blanca de Ventanilla: “An association went to Congress looking for help

in addition, He commented that a few days ago a fishermen’s association went to the Congress of the Republic seeking help due to the seriousness of the situation due to the oil spill, however, they were not attended.

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“A few days ago a friendly association went to Congress because they are looking for a way to help them to continue facing this situation. Now everything is vacancy, since it has nothing to do with the vacancy, it is not attended to. The Government right now is more concerned with getting out of the problems that they themselves get into instead of solving the real problems that they should be solving”Huaroto said.


At another point, the Huaroto fisherman said that from his personal point of view he feels that he has lost his freedom as a result of the oil spill.

“Personally, from my personal experience, this is a disaster, since four years ago I had already chosen my lifestyle as a fisherman. For me this is a problem of freedoms, not an economic problem, It has a big economic problem as part of it because it has affected my economy, but more importantly it is that they have destroyed my freedom. I had chosen my lifestyle, how I wanted to live and they have destroyed everything. For me it doesn’t enter my head or my heart to ‘move’ or ‘look for another job’”.

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