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Oil spill: OAS and its “consternation” for ecological disaster that affected flora and fauna

In an extraordinary session held this Wednesday, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) ruled on the ecological disaster that occurred in the sea of Window after the spill of more than 11 thousand barrels of oil in the refinery La Pampilla (Repsol)on January 15, which has affected the wild flora and fauna of the Peruvian coast.

In accordance with a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairsthe regional body expressed its solidarity and support to the people and government of Peru for this tragic event and made an urgent call for an evaluation and investigation of this incident that involves the support of international and regional institutions.

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Likewise, the OAS gave its strongest support to the efforts undertaken in the country to ensure that those responsible for the incident comply with remedying the damage caused.

The Foreign Ministry noted that the OAS Permanent Council expressed his dismay at the serious environmental consequenceseconomic, social and life and health of the populations affected by the oil spill

Similarly, he called on international and regional financial and development institutions to provide emergency humanitarian aid and to promote all necessary measures to mobilize an urgent response.

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