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Oil spill: study indicates that sudden movements of the Mare Doricum ship would have caused environmental catastrophe

A study carried out by the consultants Inerco and Orbital Eos indicates that the sudden displacement of the Italian ship Mare Doricum was what caused the spill in the sea of ​​Ventanilla of more than 10,000 barrels of oil from the La Pampilla refinery, owned by Repsol.

The newspaper The country of Spain had access to said study and details that everything indicates that the movement of the oil tanker put enormous strain on the hoses connecting it to the underwater discharge facility, breaking it and spilling the crude oil into the Peruvian sea.

The geopositioning data issued by the ship place it on January 15 at 5:02 p.m. well located in the unloading area; However, minutes later, it begins a sudden lateral displacement that leads it to run over the area of ​​the submarine facility known as Plem (acronym for pipeline end manifold).

So, it “roots out” the download system. According to the report, these movements of the ship continued throughout the afternoon and night, breaking on several occasions the moorings that should have kept it static during unloading and also delayed the divers descending to the underwater unloading facility and detecting its complete rupture.

With this new version, the responsibility for what happened would fall on the actions of the Mare Doricum vessel, which operates for the company Teekay Tankers Chartering Pte. Ltd. and is owned by Fratelli D’Amico Armatori SpA.

The version of the captain of the Mare Doricum

Captain Giacomo Pisani would not have warned of the displacement of the ship, according to the Spanish newspaper. But he did accuse Repsol of irregularities through letters of protest and contradicted the transnational’s version of the abnormal waves caused by the submarine volcanic eruption in Tonga.

In addition, in one of the protest letters he said that on the afternoon of Saturday the 15th he asked a pilot from a Repsol vessel to get on the ship, “to put the ship in position”, but the crew member in charge of the maneuvers boarded seven hours later.

Repsol pointed out, through a statement, that providing a port pilot is not within its competence.

The then Minister of the Environment, Rubén Ramírez, declared to the press after meeting with Captain Pisani:

“According to the captain, the issue [causa de la fuga] It wasn’t so much because of the waves. These ships have a great weight and a swell does not usually have much incidence. And it has also defined responsibility: the ship has responsibility from the connection [de las válvulas] inside the ship, what connects to the sea is the responsibility of the company”Ramirez explained.

It is estimated that the dispute over the responsibilities of the oil spill in the Peruvian sea it will be long and for now there are only two actions on those involved:

  • Since January 20, the ship Mare Dorium has been prevented from setting sail and, if it wishes to do so, You must deliver a bail letter of 150 million soles.
  • On January 28, the Temporary Preparatory Investigation Court of the Puente Piedra-Ventanilla Court issued an 18-month ban on four Repsol executives.

According to the newspaper The countrythe study of Inerco and Orbital Eos has been brought to the attention of the Peruvian authorities by Repsol.

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