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Omicron variant gains ground: know how protected you are depending on the doses received

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The reported cases of the omicron variant of coronavirus continue to rise significantly. The health authorities reported last Sunday about the first four cases detected in the country, on Monday there were already 12 and yesterday it was confirmed that at least 47 people are infected. All the cases are Lima and Callao.

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The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, specified that the infected live in 16 districts: Surco (8), San Isidro (4), Surquillo (5), San Borja (4), Miraflores (4), La Molina (2), San Martín de Porres (3), Pueblo Libre (2), San Miguel (2), Jesús María (3), La Perla (1), Lurín (1), Magdalena del Mar (3), San Luis (1), Cercado de Lima (2), Villa María del Triunfo (1) and Callao (1). Those infected are between 9 and 77 years old. They do not present complications in their health.

They have not needed to be hospitalized. Most are vaccinated people, which gives them a level of protection. It is likely that the variant is also in other regions of the country”Cevallos declared.


Edén Galán, Secretary of the Interior of the Medical College of Peru, explained to Trade that omicron variant it has a greater capacity to generate new infections, even in populations that have been vaccinated or have already had the disease. In the UK, he explained, omicron it has already replaced delta as the dominant variant and cases are doubling every two to three days.

Laboratory studies show that omicron can invade the bronchial tissue faster, so its spread would be faster“, he pointed.

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Depending on the doses received, the body has different levels of protection against the new variants of COVID-19.
Depending on the doses received, the body has different levels of protection against the new variants of COVID-19.

The director of Project Management of the Scientific University of the South, the doctor Percy Mayta-Tristán, said that in the majority of people infected with this variant the course of the disease is much milder, since they are vaccinated.

In vaccinated patients, the clinical course is much more like a common cold and there is a lower risk of having altered taste and smell, compared to other variants”, He explained.

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Sanitary measures

According to Mayta-Tristán, due to the proximity of the end of the year festivities and summer, a greater number of cases of this variant are expected and that, in turn, the wave that was not had with the delta originates. However, he mentioned some aspects that play in our favor.

We already have a larger volume of vaccinated population and the booster dose has rightly been advanced. It remains to work on accelerating the vaccination of those who do not have any dose”, He commented.

On the other hand, Galán indicated that those who go to the beaches should be required to have a vaccination card and, in the case of air and land transport, he recommended the presentation of a negative test of COVID-19 taken at most 48 hours before.


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