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Oncology patients request the Minsa to give priority to the publication of the National Cancer Law

Lima, February 11, 2022Updated on 02/11/2022 11:53 am

Oncology patient associations sued the Ministry of Health (Minsa) approve the regulations of the National Cancer Law, (Law No. 31336), which aims to guarantee universal, free and priority coverage of health services for all people with this disease, regardless of the type of cancer they have.

In a statement they expressed their concern about the current political and social crisis facing the country and, furthermore, that to date the regulations for this regulation that was approved on August 10, 2021, during the management of former Minister Hernando Cevallos.

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Half a year after the enactment of the National Cancer Law, it still cannot be applied because its regulations have not been published, which means that it is a dead letter, it does not existhe remarked.

He recalled that the Health sector, during the World Cancer Day held on February 4, he commented that they would publish the regulations next week. However, due to the change in the head of the Minsa – with the appointment of Hernan Condori– has caused this topic to be dilated.

“The change of authorities generates great uncertainty for us, it is necessary to continue the advances in the promulgation of the regulation”he referred.

Along these lines, cancer patients exhorted Condori Machado to take this issue as a priority and to consider in the regulation document the contribution of the associations.


The associations also indicated that they continue to wait for the update of the Complementary List of Oncology Drugsby Digemid, which is already more than a year late.

“The current shortage of medicines is so serious that it prevents many patients from continuing with their chemotherapies, which aggravates their suffering and that of the families who fight against this evil. We are talking about more than 175,000 patients who are being strongly affected by the lack of frequency in treatments, alarming lack of medicines, and health coverage, which is taking the lives of many Peruviansreads the statement.

Oncology patient associations point out that it is urgent that the Minsa approve the regulations of the National Cancer Law.
Oncology patient associations point out that it is urgent that the Minsa approve the regulations of the National Cancer Law.

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